Reliable estimate 
of potential

There are many benefits to selecting employees on the basis of assessment centres. You will be able to encounter the applicants in everyday professional situations, the written reports include multiple perspectives, and a reliable comparison can be made between the performances.


Depending on the job specification, we will develop a targeted combination of individual and group exercises. The participants are observed and surveyed and undergo psychological testing. We have a wealth of experience from a broad range of selection processes as well as a team of HR consultants and business psychologists. This enables us to provide you with top-level support during the planning, organisation and implementation of your assessment centre.

We will be happy to advise you on the use of an assessment centre in your organisation and give you a customised quotation based on your needs.

Our services

  • Individual testing concept (can be based on the NEWSEARCH competency model)
  • Planning and implementation
  • Training of the responsible employees
  • Evaluation, preparation and presentation of the results

Your benefits

  • Performance reports based on well-established methods that enable comparison 
  • Avoid costly recruitment mistakes
  • Individually scalable: even small solutions can be implemented

Planning and implementation of an assessment centre

Assessment centre planning starts with defining objectives and target groups. In addition to selecting observers, this step also involves creating the job specification. These steps are combined to create the individual assessment exercises. A combination of the following measures is usually a productive approach: individual interviews, group discussions, case studies, role plays, analysis of problematic situations and presentation of solutions. Classification of the other participants and a self-assessment also make it easier to reliably assess the candidates.

This concept phase is followed by preparation of the assessment centre, which includes organisation as well as training the observers. We recommend involving your internal managers in this process so they can receive training in identifying potential at the same time.

Once the participants have completed the assessment tasks, the observations and evaluations are gathered and compared. We will write up the performance assessments in reports that provide you with a basis for comparison. We are happy to advise you on selecting the best candidate for the defined job.

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