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Agile organisational structures, cross-department teamwork, temporary management tasks: the role of the manager is changing rapidly. Transparency, communication and flexibility will be the drivers of our future understanding of management.


Whether you are preparing your team for upcoming challenges or you want to improve your current leadership culture, we will work together to bring about noticeable development and ongoing self-evaluation.

With targeted development measures based on aptitude testing analysis, you can precisely enhance the qualities your management team needs to lead your organisation towards its objectives. Managers act as multipliers between the top level of management and the specialist teams. Developments in leadership skills and qualifications not only improve the performance of managers themselves, but also visibly inspire the whole team. An innovative management style will take your corporate culture to a new level and will distinguish you from the competition for top executives in your industry.

When they are used effectively, coaching sessions and seminars will be perceived by your managers as a form of recognition. You will increase the level of motivation and commitment among your managers and thus the motivation of each of the teams they supervise.

Supervisors who are trained to identify potential and allow staff to develop will make the work of HR managers significantly easier. They can identify talent reliably and provide active support for systematic development.

Our services

  • Aptitude testing, which can be based on the NEWSEARCH competency model (areas of development: dealing with change, being able to deal with uncertainty, dealing with complexity, reflection)
  • 360° feedback
  • Development plan with an effective combination of group training and individual coaching from the following subject areas
    • Personality: personality development, communication, conflict management, self-management, presentation, work organisation
    • People management: identification of potential, strategic personnel development, team development
    • Innovation: change management, cultural leadership, Leadership 4.0, digital leadership, leadership in the VUCA world, agile leadership
  • Conducting a leadership training seminar by a team of business psychologists, HR consultants and systemic coaches as necessary
  • Instruction on self-evaluation and self-development in day-to-day management
  • Certification and review
  • Training/trainee programmes for future high-potential employees

Your benefits

  • Targeted development of the qualities that are critical to your organisation
  • Systematic support for innovative and forward-looking managers
  • Tangible motivation for management and the team they supervise
  • Option to integrate team-building measures if necessary
  • Increase loyalty among your top managers
  • Save time and money in the field of HR
  • Provide inspiration on future topics like digitalisation, cultural leadership and VUCA
  • Differentiate yourself when competing for top executives by means of an innovative management style

Leadership development process

At a kick-off meeting, the specific challenges, opportunities and goals are discussed and the objectives of the development measures are defined. For the subsequent analysis of potential, we are happy to use your competency model that you have developed internally or we can use our own model. You will receive an assessment of the existing potential of your management team or of specific managers.

Building on this information, we will develop a concept for leadership development with strategic plans that open up new ideas, promote strengths and increase motivation. They contain specifically tailored combinations involving personality, people management and innovation. 

For the development period, a sequence of basic seminars and individual coaching sessions has proven to be effective. Practical relevance is of vital importance as specific challenges and situations are analysed and possible solutions are discussed. The purpose of qualification is also to enable ongoing self-evaluation and self-development in the course of day-to-day management activities. Review is part of our development concept. We recommend this for evaluating improvements, discussing any question that arises and providing motivation for further development.

Combining the development of your managers with team development measures has proven to be particularly effective.

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