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who will set your company up for the future

With over 20 years of experience in recruitment, we possess exceptional industry knowledge and an extensive network of personal contacts. A dedicated internal project and research team will support you during the search, selection stage and integration. This will give you a high-quality selection of candidates who are a good match for your company and the roles you are advertising.


You will save time in all areas of recruitment: advertising management, applicant management, selection of participants, contract negotiations and onboarding. Thanks to our professional and discreet approach, candidates will gain a positive impression of you as an employer. We use aptitude testing methods to identify talent that is crucial to your key positions. By providing you with support throughout the process right to the end of the probation period, we ensure that any stumbling blocks are identified and dealt with at an early stage. If a new hire unexpectedly leaves your company during the probation period, we will of course search for a replacement for you at no charge.

You will benefit from 20 years of experience, with over 1000 national and international filled positions, as well as a candidate pool of over 45,000 high-potential individuals and an appointment rate of between 95 and 100%, depending on the field.

We support You throughout the entire recruitment process:




  • Profiling
  • Environmental analysis
  • Concept development
  • Employer branding


  • Candidate pool search
  • Database search
  • Contact network
  • Target company list
  • Research and identification
  • Direct approach
  • Advertisement management


  • Applicant management
  • Pre-selection
  • Suitability interviews
  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Personal presentation


  • Feedback discussions
  • Coaching
  • Support during the probationary period
  • Replacement guarantee


  • Personality
  • Leadership
  • Teams

Our services

  • High quality recruiting for national und international vacancies
  • Profiling: definition of the personal and technical requirements profile and analysis of the conditions relating to the role (corporate, organisational and leadership culture)
  • Personnel search through our candidate pool (over 45,000 talented individuals) and our network of contacts developed through 20 years of experience
  • Advertising and applicant management
  • Research and direct contact: development of target company lists, identification of potential candidates and initial telephone contact
  • Aptitude testing methods
  • Intensive selection interviews and customer presentations
  • Advice and support right up until the contract is signed, plus follow-up support during the probation period

Process and Timeline of a Recruitment Project


01 Requirement Profile and Conception

  • Creation of the requirement profile
  • Analysis of company and leadership culture
  • Development of employer benefits
  • Concept for effective personnel search


02 Candidate Pool and Database Search, as well as Research and Identification

  • Review of NEWSEARCH candidate pool
  • Drafting and publishing job advertisements in relevant online portals
  • Creation of target company lists
  • Identification of potential candidates


03 Direct Approach and Pre-selection

  • Discreet and professional first contact with identified candidates
  • Engaging potential candidates
  • Pre-qualification
  • Creation of candidate profiles
  • Selection interviews


04 Delivery of First Profiles and Personal Presentation

  • Delivery of first profiles usually within 7-8 weeks
  • Joint selection of suitable profiles
  • Intensive suitability interviews by our recruitment consultants
  • Personal presentation of top candidates at your premises
  • Advisory support in the decision-making process


05 Contract Signing and Onboarding

  • We stand by you during the contract signing phase
  • Support during the integration phase while onboarding


Your benefits

  • Acquire crucial talent for your national und international locations 
  • Find a selection of candidates who are a perfect fit for the role and company
  • Identify the perfect candidate through aptitude testing 
  • Use of an assessment centre if necessary
  • Option to help your new employee or newly formed team to develop
  • Positive perception of your company in the recruitment market
  • Regular reports provide transparency throughout the process
  • Replacement appointment guarantee


The recruitment project process

The first step in winning a new employee is a kick-off meeting. At this appointment, we will listen to your exact needs and learn about you and your organisation. The key data relating to the conditions and requirements of the role will be defined. Based on this information, we will then develop a personal and technical requirements profile as well as a report on the conditions relating to the role. This will take into account the corporate, organisational and leadership culture.

The personnel search will start in our network of contacts. We will scour our candidate pool and activate contacts from our sustainable network. In discussion with you, we will develop target company lists for the rest of the search process. Our internal research team identifies potential candidates, uses its discretion in making initial contact and then generates the talented individual’s interest in your vacancy. We make a pre-selection of the applications received using brief profiles. You will generally receive the first profiles after 8 to 10 weeks.

You will select the talent that will move on to the subsequent selection process. We are happy to give you advice in this regard and offer you our personal recommendation. Our team of HR consultants and business psychologists will hold intensive aptitude interviews and compare the requirements with their qualifications.  

We will present the shortlist of talented individuals to you in person. Together we will discuss the personal and technical strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. This will allow you to make a well-founded decision that will prepare your company for the future. If necessary, we will also be happy to set up an assessment centre for you. We can support you and your new hire in an advisory capacity until the contract is signed. Our many years of experience have shown that follow-up support during the probation period leads to a smoother onboarding process. Therefore, we also offer this support. Depending on the goals you would like to achieve with your vacancy, we can support your new employee with development measures. In the unlikely event that your new employee leaves your company during the probation period, you are covered. We will search for a replacement at no cost thanks to our replacement appointment guarantee.



Role and industry expertise

Here is a selection of roles that we have filled for our customers in the past.

Information technology (IT)

  • Head of IT
  • Head of Digitalisation
  • Head of Software Development
  • Head of Consulting
  • Head of Project Management
  • Software architect
  • System administrator
  • IT consultant
  • IT trainer
  • Scrum Master
  • Product Manager
  • Software developer


  • General Manager
  • Head of Sales
  • Branch Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Sales engineer
  • Area Sales Manager


  • General Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Production Supervisor
  • Production Manager
  • Head of Product Development
  • Head of Quality Assurance
  • Head of Design
  • Head of Service
  • Project manager
  • Project engineer
  • Development engineer

Administration / Finance

  • General Manager
  • Commercial Manager
  • Head of Finance and Accounting
  • Head of HR
  • Head of Sales
  • Business analyst
  • Financial auditor
  • Tax consultant
  • Controller


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